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the history of gokickball.com

GO Kickball Hits the Fields!

GO Kickball began as a concept between friends in November of 2005 to create "Atlanta's Premier Social Experience". The league organizers are Dave H, Jeff K, Kevin B, and Steve K, and they owe a special thanks to their friend, Kara F, who came up with the idea of kickball to get the ball rolling. It is in Kara's honor that the end of season championship, in Atlanta, is known as the "Friedman Cup".

Atlanta's Premier Social Experience grew from there with the intention of an "experience" being a weekly, organized activity that provided unparalleled entertainment for friends, acquaintances, and future friends. It is the combination of this experience with the highest quality of service that gave birth to GO Kickball.

The first season of GO Kickball was held in Spring 2006, when GO Kickballers took to the fields in Atlanta, GA. Since then, GO Kickball has expanded into 40 cities across 16 states as of 2013 and continues to grow.  Many of those same GO Kickballers are still rounding the bases in Atlanta today. GO Kickball has grown from the seeds of "Atlanta's Premier Social Experience" to truly become "America's Premier Social Experience".

GO Kickball continues to provide people of any athletic ability a social outlet to have fun and get away from their daily lives, at least for a little while. Anyone 21+ is invited and welcome to participate in this fun, entertaining, and active way to make new friends, foster relationships, and network with others.

Growth and GO Sports Unlimited

The growth associated with GO Kickball has provided the opportunity to further expand the sports and social networking experience.  GO Dodgeball, GO Cornhole, GO Bocceball, GO Outings and Events, and GO Sports Software all sprung from and now stand with GO Kickball as divisions of parent company, GO Sports Unlimited. GO Kickball continues to grow into new cities across the nation, and the development and growth of GO Sports Unlimited's other divisions all complement each other in striving to provide "America's Premier Social Experience".