November, 2015

Santa Mustang November 24, 2015

‘Twas the Night Before…

Twas the night before… the Santa’s Cup-n-Hand GO Kickball Tourney  

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dr151014 November 12, 2015

Kickball in the Comics!

Check out this hilarious comic about kickball! See this and other comics by clicking

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play-593207 November 12, 2015

Leverage Gamification to Improve Worker Engagement by Puga Sankara of...

Interested in Gamification? Check out this article on EBN by Puga Sankara!  

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Screenshot 2015-11-10 09.59.46 November 10, 2015

Gamification vs. Game-Based: Company Engagement Strategy

Gamification v. Game-Based:   How To Integrate Them Into

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Winter Checklist November 10, 2015

Winter Checklist

So you’ve signed up for an outdoor winter sport. You’re getting ahead on your

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