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Winter Checklist

Winter Checklist

So you’ve signed up for an outdoor winter sport. You’re getting ahead on your New Years Resolution (or you’re super late… but no one is judging). You’re excited to commit to a 8 week season to help you keep of the holiday weight.

Now you need to know what to bring with you each week to battle the winter months outside.

Take some expert advice from long standing citizens of the Adult Sport Community on what NOT to forget each week.

“Never forget gloves, you can’t catch balls with cold hands… oh and hot chocolate… Adult hot chocolate” – Erin Perry; player and referee since 2007

“Any hot adult beverage…and ear warmers, not a full hat so I can put my pony tail through the hear warmers” – Priscilla McDowell; player since 1995 and Director of Shenanigans for Fusion Sports

“HOTTY TODDY” – Alexander Bruneel, player since 2011

“I own handwarmers, but without fail forget them each week. I also wear too many clothes always, I’m like the Pilsbury Dough Boy” – Rich Alvarez, player since 1988 (he’s old)

“Hot beverages of the adult variety” – Eric Allen, player and ref since 2008

There you have it! The experts have spoken, and if there is one thing that runs constant throughout their advice, it’s hot adult beverages! So make sure you have your thermos ready each week.

~Anna Howarth

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