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12 Days of Christmas, GO Kickball Style

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January 12, 2016 Comments (0) Miscellaneous

GO Kickball Babies


Over the last few decades, a new wave of future hipsters and wannabe athletes are being bred and groomed to take over the social scene: they are the Kickball Babies. These are the offspring of once “single and looking to mingle” kickballers that met on the fields, at the bars or at some wild and crazy party thrown by another kickballer that they probably just met. And if the parents of these kickball babies are anything like me, they met their future spouse because of that big red bouncy ball, courted for a while (or maybe Facebook stalked at first then courted), convinced themselves and all their new kickball friends that it was a good idea to get married, and began the next chapter of their lives unknowingly creating a super race of future kickball heroes that will surely save all of mankind.

See, these Kickball Babies will have it all. They will have genetically superior kickball physiques, and understand all the basic strategies of kickball since their parents have been drilling them in since they were able to walk and talk. Also, their parents were super smart (obviously) and figured out not only modern technology, like how to sign up for their local kickball league each season, but also how to tag themselves and all their friends in the many hilarious photos and videos that emerged on social media. They even figured out how to get from the kickball fields to their league bars after the games each week, although getting home after that sometimes presented a challenge. You don’t have to be from the future or be President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho to know that these kickball babies will be really smart!

So, take my advice, if you are looking for that special partner to possibly one day help add to the growing number of Kickball Babies that could save the world from boredom and dull routines, then sign up for the local GO Kickball league near you. Maybe that person you are looking for is already painting their face, wearing a cape or dressing in a Princess Leia costume and you just haven’t met them yet!


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