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July 14, 2016 Comments (0) GKB Songbook, Miscellaneous

Cheers GKB!



Cheers! (GKB remix)

By Baden Dangleberries, Arch-Lyricist-in-residence (on retainer)

(Sung to the tune of TV show theme from Cheers: “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”)


Verse 1:

Making your way around first base  Takes everything you’ve got;  Waking up the third base coach  Sure would help a lot.  Wouldn’t you like to kick away?


Verse 2:

Then all those games, you kicked away,

An infield fly ball caught;

At the league bar, your whole team

Fed you fifty jell-o shots;

… And they stuck you with the bill;



Sometimes you ought to bunt

So everybody advance a base,

And your at-bat’s not a waste;

Swing at a foul and throw in the towel,

A girl can kick in your place;

Maybe a board game might be more your pace.


Verse 3:

The coach has said you should’ve stayed in bed;

To make the line-up slick;

You play right field as the tensions build

Until your turn to kick;

…And you missed an easy pitch


Verse 4:

You’re so lucky that you’re so well loved

Where everybody knows the game,

Your friends hold you in high esteem,

They ask you back despite the fact;

You’re terrible at the game;

Doesn’t really matter because you’re part of the team!


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