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August 2, 2016 Comments (0) Featured, How To

Rainy Day Fun – 15 Things To Do on a Rainy Summer Day

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Rainy Day Fun – 15 Things To Do on a Rainy Summer Day  by Erin Perry

It’s that time of year again, where afternoon pop up storms and rain showers hit without notice. Have your outdoor plans been cancelled because of rain? Well here is a list of things you can do on a rainy summer day to help chase those blues away!


1.      Bowling – It’s not something we do often, but who doesn’t love a trip to the local bowling alley!? Now that’s a fun way to spend a few rainy hours.

 top golf

2.      Top Golf – These franchises are popping up in cities all over the US. Here’s a way to get some golf practice in without having to worry about the rain! Not only that, but they have food and drinks, as well.

 brewery tour

3.      Take a Brewery Tour – Take your pick! There are plenty to choose from nearly everywhere you go, so grab a brewsky and belly up to the tap for some tasty adventures. While you’re there, try to meet the master brewer and get a tour of the place!

 league bar

4.      Visit your League Bar – Every GKB league has a bar where teams go after games to socialize. Who says it needs to be game day to visit the league bar? Pop on over to your GO Kickball League Bar and have a drink, a bite to eat or enjoy some bar games (or do all three)! (Don’t drink and drive! Grab an Uber or taxi when it’s time to head home.)


5.      Take a Nap – When was the last time you got to take a day name with the sound of rain lulling you to sleep? Take the opportunity and catch a few z’s!


6.      Catch up on Netflix – Haven’t seen the latest season of Walking Dead? Wondering what you missed out on with Breaking Bad? Now’s your chance to binge watch some Netflix and find out what you’ve been missing!


7.      Clean – Let’s face it, cleaning is rarely at the top of anyone’s to do list, but with your outdoor activities cancelled, maybe now it’s time to stop procrastinating. Come on, you know you’ll feel better once it’s done!


8.      Read – Have a glass of wine or cup of coffee and cuddle up with a good book – You know you’ve been meaning to pick up that book you started a few months ago. Now’s as good a time as any! Then head back over to #5 and take a cat nap.


9.      Splash in the puddles – It’s amazing how invigorating a stomp in some puddles can be. Put on your rain boots and coat and head on out to splash in the puddles. Of course, make sure it’s safe!

 game night

10.  Board Game Night – Invite some friends over to play board games and have a few adult beverages. That’s when some of the best memories are made!


11.  Bake – Cookies, anyone? Or maybe a cake? This is a great way to kill some time and have something to show for it at the end!

 blanket fort

12.  Build a Blanket Fort – What better place to eat your homemade, fresh baked cookies, read your book and drink your glass of wine? And then maybe take a nap…


13.  Visit a Museum – Get your dose of culture and visit your local art, history or science museum. Maybe you’ll learn something new or find a new (to you) artist you absolutely love!

 video game

14.  Video Game Marathon – Pull out the old gaming console (Wii, PlayStation, Nintendo, Atari) and polish up on your video game skills.


15.  Shopping – Hop on Amazon and find that thing that’s been missing from your life. Or head to the mall and take a stroll through the corridors – and maybe get a soft pretzel while you’re there!


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