Company Teams

Companies continue to pursue ways to develop their business, provide quality customer service, manage costs effectively and build a strong foundation to support future growth. There is only one common denominator that can help achieve all those facets - good people.

Attracting and keeping good people is paramount to a successful business. But, similar to a marriage, it takes work (a lot of work) to keep good people and attract others to join you. GO Kickball provides the perfect complement to a company’s employee engagement efforts by providing a simple, fun, cost-effective activity that everyone enjoys. GO Kickball provides:

  • social co-ed adult kickball leagues
  • active, health and wellness outlet
  • sense of community and camaraderie
  • build employee loyalty and retention
  • low-cost for 8 weeks of employee engagement
  • activity for all skill levels
  • easy to start to start a team
  • many league locations to choose

How to Start a Company GO Kickball Team:

The following steps provide an easy process to register your company team. For any questions or help at all, Contact Us via the button below.

  1. Determine the Captain of your team. The Captain will register first to create the Team Name, etc… and then invite other colleagues.
  2. Determine what amount the company is paying for each player - the full amount? half the amount?
  3. Captain talks with collegues/friends to determine what league location and day/evening the team wants to play.
  4. Captain registers his/her team, (via the Register Now button below or on the page). During registration the captain creates an Invite Code that can be automatically sent to all invitees.
    - If the company is paying for the team, then the Captain can either prepay for all players and send them a Pre-Paid Code OR the company can pay via check payable to GO Kickball, LLC.
  5. Captain ensures all invited players register prior to registration closing, and the Captain receives a Welcome Email from GO Kickball regarding more league details.

Have a Corporate Outing with GO Kickball:

Our GO Outings & Events ( division provides quality, professional, activity-based corporate outings and events for a good value. From Kickball tournaments to Field Days to team competitions, GO Outings & Events has successfully delivered events from the smallest to the largest of clients since 2006.