Q: - What are the kickball rules?
A: - The rules are easy! Please visit our Rules Page for more information.

Q: - Who can play?
A: - For GO Kickball, anyone 21+ looking for a great social experience.

Q: - How athletic do I need to be to compete?
A: - GO Kickball is a very social league where persons of all athletic abilities are encouraged and welcomed with open arms.

Q: - How many games are there each season?
A: - Leagues are played each season and are 8 weeks in duration consisting of 7 regular season games and the season tournament championship. Games are played once a week on your respective league's designated day and time.

Q: - What is the League Bar?
A: - Each season every league has a designated League Bar close in proximity to the fields in which GO Kickball has negotiated significant discounts on drinks and food only for GO Kickballers! All players are encouraged to visit their respective league bar each week after their games to drink, eat, socialize and enjoy the premier social experience!

Q: - How much does it cost to play a season?
A: - The league fee is a one time fee you pay during registration and covers all your expenses for the entire season. You can find your city's league fee by following these steps: 1- go to your city's GO Kickball webpage by clicking on the Select a City link above and then selecting your respective city; 2- find the Current Season section in the middle of your city page; 3- click on the League Info link under the Current Season section and scroll down to view the League fee on the left.

Q: - What does my registration fee and processing fee pay?
A: - The registration fee pays for many things including: parks / field space, field upkeep / maintenance, equipment, t-shirts (Team t-shirts you keep), league managers, field supervisors, referees, league parties, league bar discounts, website mgmt, marketing / advertising, awards, and other administrative costs to facilitate a well organized experience for you. A processing fee in the amount of $2.95 is charged for an online registration order to cover a portion of the merchant account processing fees, bank processing fees, and system processing fees related to the respective customer transaction.

Q: - How do I sign up?
A: - Registration is available on-line using a major credit card. Go to the GO Kickball Home Page, Select a City in which you wish to register, and click the "Register" button in the middle of your city page under the REGISTRATION section. Note the "Register" button will only show when a season registration period is OPEN. Your city page will have information on CURRENT and UPCOMING SEASON registration periods. Click here to view the REGISTRATION STEPS, which steps you through how to register as either a Team Captain, a Team Invitee or a Free Agent (Individual).

Q: - How do I register without a credit card?
A: - A credit card is required for online registration. Please send us a message if you need to make other payment arrangements.

Q: - What if I do not have enough people for a full team?
A: - No problem. Your group will be combined with others after registration has closed to form a full team. It's a great way to meet new friends. See the next question on how to register with this scenario.

Q: - How do my friends and I register if we do not have a full team, but want to all play on the same team?
A: - One player should Join as a Team Captain, in which they will create a new team and an "invite code". They should send the "invite code" to their friends to join their team. During the Create a Team step, they will also be required to enter a "Number of Players Estimate" for their team and they should put the approximate number of players they plan to have on their team. This number is only for GO Kickball management planning purposes and does not limit the team on players. If you have less than a full team, we will combine the team with other teams and free agents at the end of registration to create complete teams. Click here to view the REGISTRATION STEPS for joining as a Team Captain.

Q: - What if it is just me registering?
A: - No problem. When you register online, there's an option to join a team or register as an individual ("Free Agent"). Individuals will be added to teams when registration closes. It's a great way to meet new people. Click here to view the REGISTRATION STEPS for joining as a Free Agent.

Q: - What are the Premium T-Shirt Styles and how do I get one?
A: - Our Premium T-Shirt Styles are a way for each player to select their own T-Shirt Style CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL

Q: - How many players are on each team?
A: - Each team has a minimum of 15 and a recommended max of 25 players (you can have more than 25 if you choose). Generally, we have found that 18 players is the optimal team size.

Q: - Why is there a minimum of 15 players on a team?
A: - We require at least 15 players as week-to-week there are always a couple players on vacation or out of town, and we want to make sure there are always enough players each week to play a game and avoid forfeits. Forfeits are no fun and ruin the experience for everyone so this has been a great way to avoid that.

Q: - How many men / women must be on the field?
A: - Teams can have up to 11 players (including 4 women) playing in the field each inning. At least 4 women and a minimum of 8 players total must take the field together for an official game. Players can rotate playing in the field from inning-to-inning, but there must always be at least 4 women and a min of 8 players total.

Q: - When registering as a Team Captain, what is the "Number of Players Estimate"?
A: - The "Number of Players Estimate" is only for GO Kickball management planning purposes and does not limit your team to the number of players that can register on your team. It helps GO Kickball plan each league to capacity and avoid any over-capacity issues.

Q: - How can I register a Corporate team and have my company pay for the team?
A: - A company can pay for a Corporate team one of two ways:
1- The Team Captain registers, creates the team and pre-pays for the number of players on the team in a one lump payment via the online website registration process. A Pre-paid Code is generated within the system for the number of players, and the Captain will send that Pre-paid Code to his/her players to use and register for free. NOTE that all players still must register the the Pre-paid Code just gives them a free registration during the payment step. In this case, the Team Captain would pre-pay for the team and expense the cost of the team to his/her respective company using the receipt he/she receives via email after registration is completed.
2- The Team Captain can submit a company check to GO Kickball made payable to "GO Kickball, LLC" for the entire team cost (season fee * # of players) and GO Kickball will create a 100% Discount Code for the team players to register for free. For this option, please email info@gokickball.com to request this process.

Q: - How do I submit a request for my membership to be transferred to another individual if I cannot play?
A: - Send us an email requesting a transfer from you to a new player with a detailed explanation why you need to transfer your membership. GO Kickball Management will make a decision based on the legitimacy of the situation and request.